Urban Interface Clearing

Urban Interface ClearingResidential or urban interface projects could utilize smaller and lighter tracked mulching tractors effectively on softer ground conditions or where more detailed work is needed. A variety of undercarriage specifications help keep the machine moving and can reduce the ground disturbance while offering the production rates needed. Depending on the intended use tree shears, winches, and grapples for harvesting and handling, are useful attachments for any machine and can make any unit into a multipurpose high yielding and profitable investment.

If you have attempted the laborious task of “hand-clearing” you probably already know how time consuming, inefficient and expensive it truly is. You may have experienced, first hand, the sense of defeat that accompanies the realization that your labor has merely created further hassles in the form of brush piles. With forestry mulching technology the need for costly and tedious handwork is eliminated. Undesirable vegetation is mulched into a rich and attractive layer, turning unusable woodlots into gorgeous glades and shady gathering areas.

Underbrushing is one of our most popular services. Clients are often amazed to find that their lots or wooded acreage can be thoroughly or selectively transformed to their needs in as little as a day; at a price that literally shames other methods. Real estate agents, developers and homeowners associations have found that our underbrushing services were literally the difference between properties selling in a timely fashion or languishing on the market. Many of our clients have reported they recovered more than twice their mulching cost at re-sale due to their properties’ vastly improved appearance and access.

Another important benefit of forestry mulching is the reduction of “ladder fuels,” woody and vegetative material that allows wildfires to spread unabated through forested and residential areas. Furthermore, underbrushing with forestry mulching equipment can be done with minimal disturbance to delicate topsoils, “keeper” trees and desirable vegetation. The mulch helps minimize ground pressure disturbances and negative impacts upon sapling and roots. On countless occasions we’ve seen “conventional” underbrushing efforts fatally damage the feeder roots and/or trunks of nearly every remaining tree, not to mention the topsoil. Our professionals are knowledgeable about the delicate ecology and diverse flora of our mountains and foothills and will ensure there no negative future impacts from our services. We want to thoroughly understand your goals so we can tailor an underbrushing strategy specific to your property and budget.

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